Web based rank tracking

What if you could monitor what position your website was displayed at for keywords on google and bing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? What if your computer didn't need to be on, or even in the same location? What if you didn't have to worry about google blocking your software based serp trackers? Well, that's where SEscout comes in!

Hourly updates

Other rank trackers update your data daily at best; some are weekly! We think that's kind of like having a doorbell with an hour delay on it! Useless! So what happens if we update your search engine rankings every hour? It turns out it's pretty awesome. You'll catch changes before you can even spot them by manually searching!



International Monitoring

What's that? Other search engine rank trackers seem to think that everyone lives in the US and speaks english. Turns out the world is a big place! That's why we support monitoring of google's over 180 international versions.

CSV & PDF reports

Keeping your clients up-to-date with their current rankings can be a tedious and challenging job. SEscout makes it easy with the ability to Email or download PDF and CSV reports.

White labeled reports

For our Elite level members, white labeled reports are available.



Historical ranking charts

How do you make boring data easily understandable? Easy! You turn it into beautiful charts! See how your search engine rankings change over time.

Powerful notifications

Of course, you can check your hourly updated rankings from the beautiful SEscout dashboard anytime you want, but why not go about your business and let us tell you when something has changed! You can set rank change alerts for any keyword you want and we will notify you via email, push (ios only), or sms the second we detect a change. Hourly updates + Notifactions = amazing!


after switching to @SEscout I wonder: why the heck didn't I use this one in the first place? #timesaver

Elena Benito Ruiz ElenaBRZ


$ 14.97 /month

Monitor 50 searches

Select Lite


$ 29.97 /month

Monitor 200 searches

Rank change notifications

Select Basic


$ 49.97 /month

Monitor 500 searches

Rank change notifications

PDF reports

Select Essential


$ 99.97 /month

Monitor 1500 searches

Rank change notifications

White label PDF reports

Select Elite